miércoles, 3 de junio de 2015

Behind the Scenes with New York's Greatest Artists

Andy Warhol reclines like a 1970s Titian on a satin adorned bed; a furtive and bespectacled Keith Haring clambers up a wire fence like an escaping prisoner; a wisely wrinkled Georgia O'Keeffe gazes straight into the camera with a direct stare. These are just a number of the extraordinary portraits to have been captured by Roman photographer Gianfranco Gorgoni over the course of his five decade career.
After discovering his love of photography, during a trip to London in 1965, Gorgoni began to dream of America and the exciting photo opportunities it promised. He finally made his way to New York on a freighter ship in 1968, in exchange for a photo essay of life on board, and soon struck up a fruitful partnership with Italian magazine L'Espresso. The publication commissioned him to create a story on the thriving New York City art scene, and by forging a close working relationship with renowned art dealer Leo Castelli, he soon found himself in the midst of the era's most influental artists.

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