miércoles, 3 de junio de 2015

Kristian Conde

Stars of 80s Dance Pop - The European Edition

"The cover sleeve of Kristian Conde’s 1986 hit 12-inch single featured an instantly captivating close-up image of the handsome artist and his piercing blue eyes. No less intriguing was Kristian’s song, “Dolce Vita,” whose lyrics recall a warm memory of the summer of ’83 sung against a high-energy musical backdrop. The track, recorded in Spain, was originally planned to be a tribute that evoked the feeling of Ryan Paris’ classic of the same name, but the song took on a whole life of its own as an international dance smash. For Conde, the lively recording marked a brief sojourn into the world of Spanish dance-pop, which was followed by a much longer career in high fashion. He remembers his brush with fame with affection. "

James Arena, 

Stars of 80s Dance Pop - The European Edition



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