martes, 28 de julio de 2015

About to begin the month of August, I am happy with what has been achieved in recent months: "Oblivion" a great song where the great artist Inma Gomes has produced, played and sung and mix and mastering by Sol de Sants Studios in Barcelona,Spain.This new topic announced in September an EP with 7 songs completely new, where we redirect the sound to a slightly more electronic area, but with quality and careful pace, that is, without leaving the dance floor.The next album, will have great surprises like the collaboration with the legend of disco music, muse and producer Bobby Orlando !!! .. Linda Jo Rizzo. ... Can you ask for more? ..The share issue is "Desire" fall in love sure aquelos all who hear.We also have a music video  of luxury, led by Joan Costanso, with extensive experience in music (Alejandro Sanz, Shakira, etc) still have not seen?    And a new Website !!! ... designed by Eric Corretje .... This whole campaign has been designed by the Top Artist Promotion Agency also carries my Booking & Management !! Anyway, as I say Great Project, Great Team !! .. jjejjej   And in September, are many events that you'll be telling slowly, lest you a heart attack..jjejje  WOW !!! so exciting I  love you!!

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